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The URL associated with the address book web query service can easily be found by viewing the configuration information of a signed-in Lync client.

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network access), permissions, or address book configuration on the Lync server.

This post provides solutions to 4 common issues, and some basics on the Lync address book implementation to further your understanding.

You can read more about the available VMWare network adapter types here: Choosing a network adapter for your virtual machine.

At a high level the server-side Lync address book consists of a Lync address book files and a web service.

The Address Book Files Lync clients pull down the address book files from the file store configured on their home registrar pool.

You can find the address book file store path by looking at the ‘File store’ property of the Lync pool in the Topology Builder (just right-click on the pool name and it is in the left-hand pane).

The CLIENT ACCESS role checks for changes every 8 hrs. p=77 Also you can read up on how the OAB is distributed and the scheduling of that distribution here:

On top of these delays, if a client does not close/open his or her Outlook, it can take even longer for a change to take place. p=312 It's the Exchange CAS not updating the Offline address book file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OAB\Something-Something-Darkside\I just restarted the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service on the CAS server and it updated.

2] The Lync Address Book Website does not have a Valid SSL Certificate Installed Microsoft knowledge base article 939530 describes this problem well: The resolution section of the KB article details how to verify that the existing certificate is valid, and how to assign another certificate if need be.

3] Symantec Antivirus Running on the Lync Server is Restricting Access to the Address Book File Share Some versions of Symantec Antivirus running on Windows 2008 server, can cause access issues to network shares.

If you cannot map the Lync address book network share from more than one client and are running Symantec Antivirus, this is a possible cause.

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