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One girl from Mexico even messaged me in Spanish; we did the reading via Google Translate.Then there's the fact that I have come across some pretty crazy stories.Fast-forward seven years and I’m a graduate student in England, studying Victorian literature. An order would be placed, I’d shuffle, and with a tried-and-true prayer, lay out the spread.

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What they really crave is either 1) subconscious insight or 2) for the reading to match what they already believe to be true.

It's like this: Sometimes our conscious minds know what we are hoping to hear, other times they aren’t aware of what they need to hear.

Yesterday, I received a lifetime membership offer, supposedly, for free, along with an embroidered, lifetime membership decal.

I feel like I am being rushed into something that I am getting more and more skeptical about, by the day.

Well, it a brilliant plan until I considered the one *big* question looming over me: Would digital tarot readings *actually* work or was I about to capitalize on the most classic psychic cliché of all—scamming people of their money?

I had received money for my readings before, but they were always face-to-face.

I have been a new three year, paid up member now, for about three months, and I am still waiting to receive the three free gifts that I was promised, when I joined the nahc.

Also, I continue to receive membership renewal offers for 2 or 3 year periods, which I feel are very premature?

If I am not going to receive my three free gifts for my initially joining the nahc, I would appreciate it very much if you would cancel my membership, and refund the .00 credit card payment that I paid to join, a couple of months back.

I am beginning to get a very uncomfortable feeling about having joined the nahc.

I would appreciate it very much if you would take appropriate action on my request.

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