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In 1972 Rover in Solihull had the first ever 4 door Range Rover prototype developed, but as the British Leyland was in completely lack of sufficient finance resources and the production of the original 2 door Range Rover could not cover the highly increased demand, any further development were abandoned.

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To achieve this end, Glenfrome employ the most dedicated and skilled craftsmen, the finest designers and draftsmen, and utilise only the finest materials available - from rich conolly hide to mink and other fine furs.

Based upon the world renowned Range Rover four wheel drive vehicle, the Clifton is a superb example of the classic Glenfrome luxury vehicle.

This longer wheelbase gave sufficient space for the rear passengers, and allowed FLM Panelcraft to develop longer rear doors.

These longer rear doors had a solution with windable window so the whole window could be winded fully down.The gain in such a conversion solution is that the whole glass on the front door and the rear door can be winded fully down.A wide range of options will make your Unitruck tailor-made to your precise requirements.The Land Rover have long tradition to make conversions for different professional use like police, ambulance, rescue, miltary or for other professions either by Land Rover Spesial Projects Department or by different independent coachbuilder companies.Just after the launch of Range Rover in 1970 the Special Project Department started to look at the possibilty for solutions for Range Rover ambulance conversions.Using only the finest materials available, Glenfrome's master-craftsmen create a standard of excellence which has made Glenfrome drivers the envy of the motoring world.

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