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These criticisms reveal the underlying discomfort that many Egyptians, regardless of age, gender or class, feel with the sensitive subject that the show shallowly addresses.Some are disquieted by Abdel Aal’s more nuanced textual narrative as well.

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The author poked fun at every aspect of arranged marriage -- from the split-second decisions couples are expected to make after hour-long meetings about their lifetime compatibility to the meddling relatives and nosy neighbors who introduce them to each other.

She joked about her desperation to marry in a society that stigmatizes single women over the age of 30.

Some were disappointed with Hind Sabri, in her first comedic role as the professionally successful but hopelessly single main character ‘Ula, a 29-year old pharmacist.

They faulted Sabri for exaggerated facial expressions, body language and intonation, and for telegraphing the jokes while failing to provide a sense of character development.

Many men are affronted by her parodies of suitors’ behavior and accuse her of being a publicity hound.

Many women, too, are uncomfortable with Abdel Aal’s expressed anxiety about marrying and her derision at experiences that may be all too familiar.A year and a half after she first posted in cyberspace, (I Want to Get Married) debuted at the Cairo International Book Fair in January 2008.Less than three years later, the book was adapted into an Egyptian television series with the same name.To date, has been translated into Italian, German, Dutch and, most recently, English.Divided into 25 brief chapters that showcase her best blog entries, the book describes Abdel Aal’s encounters with ten different suitors.A few readers were upset that the serial did not relay the book’s more serious underlying message.

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