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The movie even has Jason Alexander, who was in the movie in Due to the success of the movie, the U. are contemplating on making monkey sex an exception to bestiality. defined as the mother of your partner, well, even animals have mothers, so you'll be having a non-human M. Well first of all it feels really good, my dog likes it and my husband doesn't please me enough :) Here are the top ten reasons why Bestiality is the right choice to make when considering a sexual partner: 11. You won't get pregnant, if you're a woman (unless you're a Minoan queen and you're getting at it with a bull). You won't get pregnant, if you're a man (unless you're Ahnold Schwarzenafroamerecan). Animals have no Mother-In-Law (humans do though - and as the M. The ridiculous Australian paedophile Rolf Harris is infamous not only for his well-documented adventures with the 'two little boys' but also his many perverted escapades with animals, most notably 'Animal Hospital' where he is given free reign to perform questionable acts on a variety of captive and helpless animals, even going so far as to film the whole thing for the entire world to see, the dirty old perv. Almost as famous for his antics with those of another species is Terry Nutkins, who is composed entirely of a chocolate orange and some small testicles.

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In each episode he always had many amusing obstacles to overcome but always succeeded and got a good seeing-to by the end of the show. A movie titled The Men Who Stare at Goats was released in 2009, documenting bestiality within the locker room of the St. It starred (the aptly-named) Marc Bulger, whose Goa Tse scene with Victor the goat (from Ed, Edd n Eddy) and a Rams football helmet garnered the movie six Oscars and three AVN awards. No need for chat-up lines, having money, or pretending to be cool (really?

Other instances of media coverage of animal sex include The News At Ten, where Sir Trevor Mc Donald (the man who invented Mc Donalds) had a ritual of ending the programme each night with the words: "And that's the news at ten.

Parrikar's rival in the party is Sripad Naik, a BJP MP from North Goa who belongs to the Bhandari caste.

However, a BJP leader in Goa Manohar Parrikar is leading the BJP campaign but the party is yet to announce any CM candiate.

The movie has many of the same plot elements (like you'd know the plot, judging if you have seen it or not!

), but has a lot of monkey sex and a lot of monkey sex (felt like saying that again, I'm definite you'd understand this action).

Some even went as far as producing their own fictional soap operas and other programmes in which human/animal loving was the recurring theme. Oh, fuck it), Nigger managed to get his end away with some of the finest pieces of man-meat in show-business, including Terry Wogan, Terry Wogan (again), Terry Wogan (again), Jonathan Ross, and Postman Pat to name but a few.

'The Horny Sheep' was a cartoon about a gay sheep called Nigger who went round various public establishments and brothels in his quest to get laid. The show made a permanent imprint in the psyche of children in the 80's, mostly thanks to its well-known catchphrase: 'Which one of you bitches want some Nigger cock? This was warmly received by many politically correct twats who saw nothing offensive or unsavoury whatsoever above it. It doesn't matter it you haven't showered or shaved and you smell like shit (actually this could be a problem, as the more you stink the more you will attract numerous animal partners, and this could lead to jealousy-related accidents, which aren't nice if your jealous partner is a panther or a tiger). If you are particularly ugly, you won't need to rely on Orange sherbet any more to get laid.

Recently, a porn parody of "Dunston Checks In" has recently become a worldwide hit, even though it is illegal as hell.

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