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Ellison, for example, said she "interviewed one woman who worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, where most of her professional contacts were gay men." Ellison added, "I think people that are most likely to benefit from online dating are those that have exhausted their traditional social circles, such as friends of friends, and those that are in professions, or (have) other constraints, that limit their ability to encounter new people on a regular basis." Andrew Fiore, a University of California at Berkeley researcher who studies online dating, says, "members of minority groups looking for people like themselves might find online dating more useful than others." He pointed out that some sites cater to specific groups, such as Jewish people or Indians/Indian-Americans.

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"Maybe you would approach somebody slightly less magnetic but more available.

Online, you can't tell." Questionable marriage statistics EHarmony's internal research group is one of the few to compare the success of traditional matchmaking with Web services, Fiore said.

One married man, for example, wrote: "I'm not going to cheat.

I'm just capturing back some of those butterflies we feel when we're young and start flirting and dating." It remains to be seen, however, if such online flirtations relieve marital stress and strengthen existing relationships.

Fiore and his team also discovered that "popular people," or those who receive unsolicited attention from others on the site, were less likely to reply.

"In a bar or at a party, it's obvious if someone is surrounded by a crowd of people," he said.

"Of course the couples who have been dating for less than a year are going to be more satisfied than those who have been dating longer — it's the 'honeymoon effect.'" In 2005, University of Bath researcher Jeff Gavin and his team proclaimed that Internet dating is "much more successful than thought," after conducting a survey of U. Whether relationships began traditionally or online, those who are getting married, for the most part, aren't staying married. While the rate has mostly held steady in the United States, there was an upswing in numbers of U. divorces per marriages during the five years after ushered in the online dating scene, according to the bureau's report "Marriage and Divorce Rates by Country: 1990 to 2005." Though there's no data on whether the two are linked.

A tool, not a replacement Since 1995, has attracted millions of members, according to Inter Active Corp, which owns the site.

Co-author Jeffrey Hancock said, "Participants balanced the tension between appearing as attractive as possible, while also being perceived as honest." Irresistible to married people If mister or miss right does surface, he or she might already be married.

"Never before has the dating world been so handy for married men and women looking for a fling," said Beatriz Avila Mileham, who studied online infidelity while at the University of Florida.

About 52.6 percent of the men in the study lied about their height, as did 39 percent of the women.

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