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Clicca qui per entrare subito nel sito della Web Chat 40 50 60 (non richiede registrazione).

Superba Chat Over 50 - 40 - 60 adorabile, geniale e docile. La Chatroom italiana per gentildonne e gentiluomini dove stare insieme in allegria e spensieratezza.

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She was assigned a health coach for goal setting and weekly phone consultations. "It doesn't matter how far you walk at first; just stick with it."Top Tips From More Big Losers Tiffany Way, 48, Kingsland, GA: Lost 80 pounds1. I definitely make better choices when I'm not starving!

(Locate a nutritionist in your area at Eat Right.org) Diane didn't count calories; she just focused on changing her habits: eating more veggies, nixing diet soda, fitting in exercise. "Trying to change everything at once is a recipe for disaster.

"We used to be a horrible influence on each other's eating," admits Shauna.

"I'd encourage Kristin to have a doughnut so I'd feel less guilty about having one too." Despite the slip-ups, these best friends have had weight-loss success in the past.

"We just put blinders on and ignored the scale," says Kristin.

Not surprisingly, they both regained the weight they'd lost and then some. She told Kristin that they needed to really support each other if they wanted to shape up for good.

So instead of eating dinner out, they began going to Weight Watchers meetings.

Instead of hitting Mc Donald's for a calorie-laden lunch, they took three-mile walks.

Their goal now: to each lose another 50 pounds by the end of the year. "In my early 40s, I gave up dieting altogether because nothing seemed to work." Three years ago, Valerie reached an all-time high of 185 pounds.

"My energy was so low that I no longer enjoyed the things I loved—skiing, hiking, rafting," she recalls.

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