Sex chat sites fantasies

There will be a harness instead of a button down shirt and just the Tuxedo Jacket over it. A leather tie will be used as your color and leash.

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You cum without permission and you go into chastity for a period determined by me.

Oh and since I believe in the “punishment fitting the crime” so to speak, that could be a while if you are a two pump chump.

We Ladies have agreed to have you in a Tuxedo styled naughty outfit for our pleasure.

With the Tuxedo pants adapted to have your asses and code pieces open and showing.

All of you servant males and beta bitches swoon to behold.

Of course, we are not dressing up for you, but for ourselves.

Let me make it clear that you are not my date, but literally just my plus 1. Consider your position that of an out of house butler essentially.

You will be at my beck ‘n call all night long, watching eagerly for any sign that I wish to make use of you and hope to obey me in any way I require.

All the males assembled there are the plus 1’s of the various Goddesses, Princesses, Queens, Mistresses and any other exalted Lady who understands the need of males just like you to be commanded by a strong female who knows just how to treat you, use you, and make use of you. We Ladies are all attending in our royal best gowns.

Dressed to the nine’s in some of the most breathtaking feminine attire.

Now, I am not one to smother myself in head to toe latex. You invite me to sit down next to you, but I make you scurry around your house.

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