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Emerging companies may apply through Tuesday at participate in the third annual summit, a daylong event that puts them in front of major companies that often do business in similar sectors.

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When Flanagan attended the first Wisconsin Tech Summit, he got advice from major companies that changed the growth prospects for his emerging biotechnology firm.

Flanagan's 15-minute 'speed dates' at the 2014 Tech Summit, to be held again April 25 in Waukesha, persuaded him to apply for a regulatory clearance portrayed as essential for doing business with larger laboratories and pharmaceutical companies that handle human specimens.'During the Tech Summit, we received confirmation that pursuing (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certification was the correct direction for us to take,' Flanagan recalled.

He's a financial consultant in Onalaska, just north of La Crosse, and president of Functional Biosciences, a DNA sequencing company based in Madison's University Research Park.

Even experienced dogs can learn new tricks, however.

When it comes to choosing a contract manufacturer, there are several different services that customers should look for.

A great contract manufacturer should be able to provide the customer with the resources needed to create their product, as well as the customer support required to maintain a flourishing business relationship.

Large and small companies often travel in different 'orbits,' even if they're in the same business sectors, and they rarely collide except by chance.

The Wisconsin Tech Summit's speed-dating approach aims to help some of those orbits to cross — and the state's business development stars to better align here.

'I would strongly recommend the Tech Summit as a way to get your foot in the door at major companies that might otherwise be difficult to get meetings with...''Our engagements (throughout the day) were very genuine.

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