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A type of vascular birthmark called hemangioma results from malformed blood vessels.

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The herpes simplex virus, which causes both cold sores and genital herpes, is also passed through direct contact.

A systemic infection (an infection that occurs throughout your body), such as chickenpox or shingles, can cause skin lesions all over your body.

To confirm a diagnosis, they make take skin samples, perform a biopsy of the affected area, or take a swab from the lesion to send to a lab.

Treatment is based on the underlying cause or causes of skin lesions.

Some scratches, cuts, and scrapes will leave scars that are not replaced with healthy, normal skin. People with allergies may also be more likely to develop skin lesions related to their allergy.

People diagnosed with an autoimmune disease such as psoriasis will continue to be at risk for skin lesions throughout their lives.Some conditions, like poor circulation or diabetes, cause skin sensitivity that can lead to lesions. These are skin lesions filled with a clear fluid less than 1/2 centimeter (cm) in size. These lesions can be the result of: Examples of macules are freckles and flat moles. The most common secondary skin lesions include: A crust, or a scab, is created when dried blood forms over a scratched and irritated skin lesion.Birthmarks are primary skin lesions, as are moles, rashes, and acne. They are small spots that are typically brown, red, or white. Ulcers are typically caused by a bacterial infection or physical trauma. Scales are patches of skin cells that build up and then flake off the skin. Skin atrophy occurs when areas of your skin become thin and wrinkled from overuse of topical steroids or poor circulation. People with family members who have moles or freckles are more likely to develop those two types of lesion.In order to diagnose a skin lesion, a dermatologist or doctor will conduct a full physical exam.This will include observing the skin lesion and asking for a full account of all symptoms.Topical medication can also provide mild symptom relief to stop pain, itching, or burning caused by the skin lesion.

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