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If default attribute is not defined in "REST Method Definition" then default attribute does not exists for primitive types. Workaround: Create a parameter param1 with int type from "Rest Method Definition".

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After the "Discard" if the user re-imports the same model to the system, it will show the newly imported model in the failed state.

This is because the initial "Discard" action did not completely cleanup the previous metadata. Workaround: The user can activate the re-imported model (which is in a failed state) and it should succeed if the original issue which has caused the failure has been resolved.

Next step is to set the nodemanager username and password Start your Web Logic Admin Server Go to the Web Logic Console, Domain and then open the Security tab Activate the changes and shutdown the Admin Server Now you try to start the Admin Server with WLST which connects to the Node Manager Start XXX\wlserver_10.3\common\bin\you will see wls:/offline Connect to the Node Manager by using nm Connect nm Connect('weblogic','yourpassword','localhost','5556','your_domain','C:/XXX/user_projects/domains/your_domain','ssl') You need to see the following Successfully Connected to Node Manager.

I have tried to write few scripts to capture the configurations of different environments , which may helpful to compare it later to find out any changes done .. Script 1: from import File Input Stream from import * from import Date from import Hash Map from import Runtime from import Arrays from import System #pass Word=sys.argv[1] env=sys.argv[1] prop Input Stream = File Input Stream(env ".properties") config Props = Properties() config Props.load(prop Input Stream) host Name=config Props.get("domain.admin Host") port No=config Props.get("domain.admin Port") admin User Name=config Props.get("domain.admin User Name") admin URL="t3://" host Name ":" port No connect(user Config File='/u01/weblogic/etc/admin_config.secure', user Key File='/u01/weblogic/etc/admin_key.secure', url='t3://Admin Server URL:7001') #JTA Time-out , Completion Timeout, Maximum Resource Requests on a Server , Front-End hostname, Front-End port, LDAP, Enable Exalogic Optimizations, Enable Administration Port, Production Mode, Archive Configuration Count, Configuration Archive Enabled ############################################################################# def JTAConfigurations(): SOAcommon Properties Obj = Object Name('soainfra.config: Location=wls_soa11,name=soa-infra,type=Soa Infra Config, Application=soa-infra') SOAcommonproperties = Attribute(SOAcommon Properties Obj,'Global Tx Max Retry') print 'JTA Configuration:' print '------------------' JTAConfigurations() print 'General Configurations:' print '-----------------------' General Configurations() print 'B2Bproperties:' print '--------------' B2Bproperties() print 'Soa Suite Configurations:' print '-------------------------' soa Suite Configurations() print 'BPEL Configurations:' print '--------------------' bpel Configuration() print 'Weblogic Server configurations:' print '------------------------------:' SOA_weblogic_Servers_configurations() Script 2: File all JMS details.

The throughput of the underlying SOA Composites/Service Bus projects on which the Insight models are based can become degraded. Workaround: It is recommended that the deliver mode of the Insight JMS Queue (named Proc Mon Event Queue) is updated to "non-persistent". This time value is to be ignored as the data will always be for one entire day as per the date that is also displayed. Workaround: Ignore the value of the time displayed and go only by the date shown since each point on the X axis represents data for one whole day.

This can be done from the Oracle Web Logic Administration Console as listed below. Bug ID: 22712993 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All When the activation of an imported Insight model fails, user can remove the model using the "Discard" action.

Bug ID: 2292616079 Added on: 22 March 2016 Platform: Windows There is a problem with mapping to implementation and editing of imported models on a Windows machine if you are using Windows for server deployment. Bug ID: 22858099 Added on: 9 March 2016 Platform: All When you uninstall or roll back the Insight OPatch, the Insight related library and applications are left over. Workaround: None Oracle BPEL PM supports the use of variables with same names across multiple scopes.

However, you can run a browser on Windows to access a non-Windows server. These may result in deployment errors after restarting the servers. Defining extraction criteria for an indicator from such a variable may cause unexpected behavior and is not supported Bug ID: 22697862 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All While defining extraction criteria for an indicator or unique instance identifier based on a BPEL variable, usage of XPath functions is not supported. Workaround: None Refresh button does not work in Custom Dashboards Bug ID: 22811363 Added on: 21 March 2016 Platform: All When using custom dashboards, clicking Refresh Data does not refresh the custom dashboards. Workaround: On the Custom Dashboard pane, expand the filter area, edit any filter and click Apply. Input Box for Navigating through Pages in Instance List Page Does Not Work Bug ID: 22838669 Added on: 14 March 2016 Platform: All The input box to enter a page number for navigating through pages in the Instance List page does not work. Workaround: Use the other navigational controls like forward or backward to navigate through the pages.

Bug ID: 22492868 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All When creating a new Insight model or connection, an internal ID is generated based on the name of the model or connection.

These IDs are potentially not unique across environments (but will be unique within a single environment).

You must download and install the patches for the updates related to Oracle Service Oriented Architecture, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, and Oracle Service Bus. You will find one or two of them based on the clusters you have configured on your domain. This issue is limited to a compact domain setup and not happen in an expanded domain configuration. Workaround: Either configure an expanded domain or follow the instructions below: Bug ID: 22937770 Added on: 16 March 2016 Platform: All Activity names must be unique.

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