Dark caverns chat room - Updating database using php

Notice that we have added square brackets [] to the name of the checkbox element.The reason for the square brackets is that it informs PHP that the value may be an array of information.Next we convert the new line characters in the text area into HTML line breaks.

Both send variables across to a script, but they do so in different ways.

The GET method sends its variables in the web browsers URL, which makes it easy to see and possibly change the information that was sent.

When you submit your HTML form PHP automatically populates two superglobal arrays, $_GET and $_POST, with all the values sent as GET or POST data, respectively.

Therefore, a form input called 'Name' that was sent via POST, would be stored as $_POST['Name'].

We are returning data in a json format to minimize the connection overload and make application faster.

This is how it works in dynamically add rows to table using javascript.Today we are going to design a dynamic table, in which we can dynamically add rows to table using javascript remove rows number of times without refreshing a page even once and thats also with cool javascript animation. This file will contain all the processing, like inserting record row in mysql and deleting record row from database table.Before saving the data dont forget to sanitize the input to stop xss attacks and sql injections.which includes the functionality to add remove rows in the table dynamically.Main role was played by javascript in this dynamically add rows to table using javascript.These two types of sending information are defined in your HTML form element's method attribute.

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